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10 Benefits Of Using All Natural Soap That You Must Know - CW Apothecary

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10 Benefits Of Using All Natural Soap That You Must Know - CW Apothecary

We all use soaps in our day-to-day lives in order to clean up ourselves and remove all the dirt and germs from our bodies. But many soaps contain some acidic chemicals that might harm our skin. That is why more and more people prefer other substitutes like body wash and natural or homemade soaps. More or less, all natural soaps are made up of natural ingredients like essential oils, flower essence, and chemical-free process.

But many people think that using natural soaps is a complete waste of money. So here are the top three reasons why use natural soap:

  • Natural soap won’t dry out the skin or cause any other skin irritation or allergy. As all of the ingredients are natural, gentle, and completely safe on the skin.
  • No synthetic ingredients are used in natural soaps.
  • Natural soap is often a more subtle scent or fragrance that refreshes your mood.

Making of natural soaps

When it comes to the natural soap preparation method, there are mainly two ways that are used to make a bar of natural soap. However, both methods are following that are mostly used to make bulk soaps packets:

True soap is made by mixing together oils or fats and lye. The reaction that takes place is referred to as the process of saponification and therefore the result came as a mixture of soap and glycerine. However, many soaps contain the goodness of olive, coconut oil, and so on. In addition, many other natural ingredients can be added such as Shea butter for skin nourishment or oatmeal for exfoliant properties. Nothing should be removed and no synthetic chemicals have to be added, this true soap is simply fine because it is.

On the opposite hand, there are few mass-produced detergent products, which were referred to as synthetic soaps. A natural humectant, glycerine provides moisture to your skin and renowned as a soothing emollient. Unscrupulous soap manufacturers separate the glycerine from the soap to sell or use in other costlier products. They then often add synthetic ingredients, detergents, foaming agents, and chemical fragrances to the no glycerine soap to simulate the properties of what was removed.

Benefits of natural soap 

Natural soaps are a good option to maintain skincare and have some amazing benefits for the skin. Below are some amazing benefits of natural soap and also what it can do for your skin.


Natural soap bars are naturally produced by an ingredient called glycerine. This ingredient is usually known for its moisturizing abilities and you must have encounter glycerine-based soaps in supermarkets and pharmacies. Most probably all the natural soaps tend to contain plenty of glycerine which is why these soaps are so moisturizing.


Natural soap bars are generally more gentle on our skin as compared to common soaps found in the shops. They don’t contain any sort of drying chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate which might strip the skin of its natural grease or oil. This might cause excessive water loss and the skin to dry out. Natural soaps having glycerine do their cleaning action without any harm. It also contains moisturizing glycerine to draw moisture back towards the skin.

Environmental Friendly 

By using a natural soap instead of a plastic-packaged shower gel, you can save a lot of plastic from ever being created. A chemical used in antibacterial soaps turns into dioxin when came into the contact with direct sunlight. And these carcinogenic dioxins are present in our drinking water. But natural soaps don’t contain any chemicals which makes them Environmental friendly never cause any harm to the environment as well.

Provide Rich Lather without Synthetic Foam

Many commercial brands make money by catering to customer demands. And having plenty of foamy lather is a very important property of any commercial cleansing care product. The foam, bubbles, and the lather is something everyone wants and loves the commercial liquid and bar soaps are produced by surfactants synthetic foam boosters, lathering agents, and detergents. Nature’s ingredients like coconut oil, castor oil, and the retained natural glycerine also help create a rich foam and silky lather. The creamy silky lather that comes from a natural soap is much richer as compared to fake promising commercial soaps.

Smells great

A natural soap bar is made up of essential oils instead of non-beneficiary fragrance oils. Essential oils got extracted directly from the plant and smell just like the scent that comes from nature. They even have a wide array of natural benefits for the skin and body.

No Chemicals 

Natural soaps don’t contain any synthetic chemicals. Chemicals used in the soaps will make the skin dry out and can possibly lead to eczema. But, natural soap contains many essential oils for scents rather than fragrance oils.  

Provides Real Aromatherapy

According to wholesale soap making companies, scented natural soaps are made with pure essential oils, not fragrance oils that give aroma therapeutic benefits too. However, essential oils hold numerous benefits that are beyond just scent. The benefits of aromatherapy can help to ease unwanted stress and invigorating your spirit.

Maintains healthy skin

Everyone wants healthy skin and your skin never wants synthetic chemicals. If you struggle to seek out a soap that doesn't irritate your skin, then switching to the daily use of a simple natural soap is the thing you need. Some people with sensitive skin don't know that they have sensitive skin at all. Their skin is just reacting to some chemical irritant in their soap or other skincare product. Simple natural soaps tend to be more soothing for several skin types.

Natural Ingredients 

One of the main reasons why natural soaps are usually better than commercial soaps is that they contain natural and safe ingredients. For instance, many commercial bars from a supermarket will contain cheap chemical ingredients such as Sodium Laureth sulphate. 

Worth the money

On the opposite hand natural soaps usually but not always tend to have a bit costly ingredients which are better for skin like oil, cocoa butter, and hemp seed oil. These ingredients are generally costlier than palm oil and chemicals used in soap making, but with these come greater benefits for the skin.

Natural soaps have many benefits and everyone has slightly different benefits based on the oils chosen. As an example, some soaps are specifically designed for dry skin, as they contain plenty of glycerine and emollient ingredients which aid the skin in retaining moisture. Other natural soaps will do their jobs depending upon how they have been formulated to do.

To summarize it can be said that natural soaps are really amazing for skin especially for dry skin as they are specifically designed to be this way. To understand this process more closely, then search out for a wholesale soap making supplier who can tell the actual benefits of using natural soaps.

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