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Essential Oil

Essential oils are liquids which are extracted from plant parts such as leaves, flowerings, shrub, branches or bark that carry distinct odors or flavors of the plant from which it was extracted. Extraction is mostly done through steam distillation but can also include CO2 extraction or cold pressing. Essential oils are natural, strong scented compounds of terpenes and esters that are quickly evaporating and thus don’t necessarily show the typical characteristics of an oil. Essential oils are primarily used in flavoring, perfumery and toiletries however there are applications in the dietary supplement and food industries as well.

Wholesale essential oils are not all created equal. Many companies claim they sell pure oils, most don't. Some companies cut their essential oils with much cheaper carrier oils in order to sell them at a huge profit, or dilute them without your knowledge. True essential oils are very expensive to produce, and many companies in the industry take shortcuts to save on costs. At Clearwater Apothecary, we offer 100% pure high-grade aromatherapy essential oils at affordable prices, and no shortcuts.

Weather you are looking for Frankincense (Serrata), Rosemary, or Tea Tree (Organic) and many others, you can save when buying essential oils wholesale from Clearwater Apothecary. "Free Shipping"