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Fragrance Oils

Clearwater Apothecary is one of the leading suppliers of 100% concentrated Fragrance Oils, blended by master IFRA perfumers, and made in the USA. All of our fragrance oils comply with the
strictest global IFRA standards. There are 100's of options for fragrance oils, with our buying power in the industry Clearwater Apothecary has set low prices and no minimun quantitys, and shipping
is usually in just a few days.

Fragrance oils are blended synthetic aroma compounds, and or natural essential oils that are diluted with a carrier oil like vegetable oil, or mineral oil. Fragrance Oils are the scented oils that are created to be added to products such as scented candles, Soap, body Butters, shampoo and conditioner bars, air fresheners, and diffusers to give off a pleasant, distinctive aroma.