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Health Benefits Of Burning Soy Candles - CW Apothecary

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Health Benefits Of Burning Soy Candles - CW Apothecary

Many health advisors believe that a candle is not just a fragrant piece of decor. A candle can be used as an olfactory object of expression, a time machine, a therapeutic tool. When it comes to buying candles, many people prefer aroma and scent-based candles. But that shouldn’t be the factor to select a candle. There are so many varieties available in the market that contains specific candle fragrance oils. 

Candles infused with different essential oils serve numerous benefits to our mental and physical health. For instance, Lavender infused scents help to increase sleep quality, promote concentration and help fight anxiety. Eucalyptus scent aids in alleviating symptoms of the cold and attacks on the bacteria. Peppermint fragrances are beneficial in relieving nausea, headaches, upset stomach, gas, constipation, irregular digestion, anxiety, and skin irritation. Pomegranate aroma enhances our immune system and promotes healthy cell growth. Tea Tree helps to fight bacteria, fungi, and viruses, along with skin irritation and infections. And the last one soya candles simply means no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants released into the air.

What are soy candles and how they made?

Out of all the infused candles, the most eco-friendly candles are made from 100% soybean wax. This soy wax was deprived of completely natural and organic vegetable soybeans. As soybeans are one of the major agricultural crops in places like the United States.

Firstly the beans got harvested, and after that, they need to be cleaned, cracked, de-hulled, and rolled into flakes. Soybean oil is extracted from these flakes and the leftover flakes can be used for animal feed. Once the oil got extracted from the vegetable, wholesale candle makers mix it with other fragrances and oils.

Burning Soy Candles Is Good For Your Health

A candle is quite simple, yet it always seems to be something that everyone can look forward to. According to health experts, burning a candle having appropriate essential oils and aroma can be good for our physical and mental health. The psychological benefits of burning infused candles can uplift feelings of joy, ease, concentration, positive energy and so many more. Moreover, burning soy candles is also helpful for people who have skin issues or any sort of allergies.

Soy candles burn cooler, typically lasting about 30-50% longer than chemical-based wax candles. The durability of soy candles increases because the wax comes from local farmers and supports the community. It is also biodegradable, water soluble, and lead-free.

Usually many candle wax spills out after getting melt which can be a little messy and hard to clean up. But not happen in the case of soy wax as it is very easy to clean up with normal soap and water. And because of its natural color, it never leaves any kind of stains on surfaces if spilled. It is good to light soy candles in the spring and summer because it helps keep bugs such as mosquitoes, gnats and flies away.

Why Choose Soy Wax And Candles?

Soy wax is made from environmentally friendly, renewable resources, whereas many other candle waxes are made from petroleum and are non-renewable. Not only are there “green” advantages to choosing soy wax over a different type of candle wax, but soy wax also burns slower rather than others, which simply means that you get a candle that lasts longer. While many candles emit some black soot during the burning, soy wax candles burn with cleaner, transparent and lesser soot.  

Soy wax candles are can be a good choice for anyone practicing a vegan lifestyle. However, it is found that soy wax candles are made up of 100% organic non-GMO soy oil. Soybeans are a sustainable resource, which makes soy wax candles 100% biodegradable for nature. You’ll also find soy candles scented with organic and natural essential oils in soy candles. Another reason to settle down with soy wax when it comes to candles is that the proven fact that soy wax is a wonderful fragrance carrier that doesn't require chemical amplifiers. The result's a well-balanced faithful scent candle. That is why many wholesale candles making suppliers focus on making these sort of environmental friendly candles that holds so many health benefits for us.

Above all the benefits, burning a candle can give you a soothing fragrance and aroma that ambiance the whole atmosphere. Lighting a few candles in your home can really create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Adding a candle here and there simply creates softness in your space and make it more warm and welcoming.

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