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How to De-Crystallize My Raw Honey - CW Apothecary

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How to De-Crystallize My Raw Honey - CW Apothecary

How to De-Crystallize My Raw Honey by CW Apothecary

A simple process for turning your crystallized honey back into liquid raw form using a crock pot.

"Is My honey ruined!! It looks grainy" I get this question a lot. Crystallization is very natural for raw honey and it doesn't mean it is ruined. If you would like your honey to be in a liquid state, it's quite easy to do. This video explains how to do this and shows a step-by-step process of what you can do about it without sacrificing its beneficial natural properties by just using your crock pot.

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I used a crock pot for this excersize. It was set on a warm setting. Be careful to not let it heat up over 110 deg as it will then not be "raw" The heat will cause many of the benefits of raw honey to be cooked out. Raw honey is alive with enzymes, antioxidants, pollen and other natural goodies. Heat will melt the sugar crystals that are forming in the honeyCrystallized honey is still edible. Some even enjoy its grainy consistency as a spread on toast or as a cooking ingredient. Many factors contribute to honey crystallization. The main reason is its ingredient composition. 


Decrystallize Honey in a crock pot

Step One: Place glass jar of honey into a larger crock pot. Fill with water till about half way up mthe jar of honey. Do not put plastic honey container in crock pot, only glass jar.

Step Two: Heat a pot of water up to a temperature between 95°F and 110°F. You can create this warm water bath using a kettle, instant pot, or, ia slow cooker. Turn the crock pot on warm.

Step Three: Pour the warm water bath into the crock pot and jar of honey is sitting in. Make sure the water line is above the level of the honey but below the lid. You do NOT want water to accidentally get into your honey jar or container.

Step Four: Leave the jar of honey sitting in the crock pot, stirring occasionally, until the honey reliquifies. Monitor the water temperature with a thermometer and adjust by adding hot or cool water to keep it at or below 110°F.

This process in my crock pot took 7 hours, but the 2nd batch was much faster as I stirred it every 30 mins and only took a couple hours.

Beacause Raw Honey is made up of glucose and fructose. Different honey varieties have different ratios of these sugars, which means different honeys crystallize at different rates.The higher the glucose, the faster a honey will crystallize, and vise versa.

Things to Remember... Do not Doo's

Do not Microwave raw honey to de-crystallize it. Microwaves cook unevenly and you cannot control the temperature.

Do not Boil Raw Honey. This will destroy all of the beneficial enzymes of the raw honey.

Do not heat raw honey in a plastic bottle.

Do not liquify raw honey over and over again. Only use what you need and repeat the process.


Pollen, antioxidants, and enzymes found in raw honey are destroyed at temperatures above 110°F. Heating honey higher than 140°F degrades the quality of the honey and temperatures above 160°F caramelize the sugars. Once caramelized, what you have in your honey jar may be sweet, but it isn’t really honey anymore.

Remember to just have fun with your Raw honey and be safe working with it.

You can watch the process unfold on youtube. Please like and subscribe if you find the info helpful.

Watch it on Youtube -

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