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Mica - Color Series

Clearwater Apothecarys cosmetic grade natural mica powders are a beautiful, and colorful. These natural mica powders add a unique glimmer and shine to your projects. Our Micas feature shades vary from semi-matte pearl to shimmer to sparkle, and can be used to create All natural soap, Body Butters, Soy Candles, Resin projects, Bath Bombs, Lip Balms, face powders, foundation, and more. With these shades, you can create hundreds of your own personalized natural makeup and bath products.

What sets our natural mica powders apart from the myriad choices available on the market today? We purchase at the manufacturer level. This is why we can resell them at such a great price for the quantity.

Our natural mica powders are the highest quality available on the market. What this means to you as a formulator, is that your finished product, whether its for you, your mom, or a customer, will also be of the highest quality. 50% of the quality of your product is based in your choice of materials, and you do get what you pay for when it comes to natural mineral powders.

If you have never used our cosmetic mica pigments to create, we suggest trying out our Mica Sampler, which include small portions of each pigment color. We are quite certain you will be very happy with our cosmetic grade micas, and oxides.